Atomic Habits towards greener planet. Bringing about minor and systemic changes in our habits and choices can make a massive difference: - 
Some of the tips and ideas are as below: - 
Use staircases and avoid elevators while climbing up or down for couple of floors. Saves Electricity, improves your leg muscles. 
Avoid using Plastic as much as possible - Banish single-use plastic completely like for 
PET bottles for mineral water or soft drinks, 
Plastic Carry Bags, 
Avoid buying small sized packaged FMCG products instead buy large and bulk packs to reduce the usage of plastic packaging. For example - Biscuits, Sugar, soaps, detergents, etc.
Reduce your dependence on Air conditioners - Reduce exposure to air-conditioned homes, offices, and cars, as much as possible to reduce global warming. Go for air coolers as it is more environmentally friendly with reduced costs of ownerships, operations, and maintenance. 

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