5-Star Framework

Ideazfirst 5-star framework is inspired from Pancha Bhoota, as it is the basis of all cosmic creation. Panch Bhoota is the ancient Vedic method for harmony and natural healing. Following is the simplest way to understand the importance and omnipresence of Panch bhoota. 
Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth are the five elements. 
Ears, Skin, Eyes, Tongue, and Nose are our sensory organs corresponding the above elements. 
Sound, Touch, Sight, Taste and Smell are their objects of sense and the component parts. 
Winter, Spring, Summer, Rainy Season and Autumn are the respective seasons associated with these elements
And the different layers of atmosphere i.e. earth crust, water bodies, troposphere, stratosphere, and ozone layer are the storage houses of the five elements.  
By purifying and balancing these five elements we can permanently achieve climate and human health harmony. Whenever there is an extreme imbalance in any of these elements in nature, there are climate calamities or diseases in the human body.  
Imbalance in the five elements causes the following natural calamities: - 
Ether = Extreme cold
Water = Drought and Floods
Earth = Earthquakes
Fire = Global Warming, heat waves
Air + Water = Cyclones, Tornado, Hurricanes
Ether + Air = Wind Storms 
Air + Fire = Wildfires
Fire + Earth = Volcanic Eruptions
And when there is an imbalance in all the five elements (equivalent to cancer in humans), an Antartica type zone is created with near zero vegetation, sunlight, water, and habitat. 
Please contact us at climate@ideazfirst.com to reproduce this original research. Please do not copy or publish this research without prior consent.  

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