Natural Calamities & types

Global warming, Wildfires, Cyclones, Earthquakes, tornados and Ozone Layer depletion, all are interconnected calamities

Major Climate Disasters in India
Imbalance in Water Element
1999 - Super Cyclone, Odisha, Deaths: Around 15,000+
2004 - The Indian Ocean Tsunami Deaths: 2.30 lakh & affected around 12 countries.
2007 - Bihar floods 2007 Deaths: About 1,287 people and thousands of livestock lost their life. Severity: Five times more rainfall than the monthly average of 30 years
2013 - Uttarakhand Flash Floods, 2013 Deaths: 5,700 +, Cause: Heavy rainfall, massive Landslides.
2014 - Kashmir Floods, 2014 Deaths: 550+, Cause: Continuous rainfall and swelling of Jhelum River
Possible Causes: Large scale fishing and dumping of plastic waste in oceans leads to swelling of water bodies leading to Cyclone
Wild Fires
Wild Fires

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