Environment and Social Governance Implementation

The Ideazfirst five-star framework is based on Panchabhoota - balancing the five elements which govern the nature and universe.
We help you plan and implement strategic ESG goals measurable for your organization & relevant for your industry sector.
Team Ideazfirst is working for the environment and climate and has been actively co-ordinating with the relevant authorities in Government. 
Following are some suggestions for meeting the climate goals for Indian Government: -
Promoting Agnihotra - Create awareness about Agnihotra and encourage all families to practice Agnihotra. 
Promoting Vegetarian Food - Greenhouse Gases are the key contributor of heating and global warming. And Animal slaughter for food or other items is the key cause of Greenhouse gases. With a population of more than 139 crores we need to have a balance between total livestock and humans. We are promoting vegetarian food using our healthcare services - Guruspeak.in and publications. 
Cow as a National Animal - Indian Breed of cows are the only animals in the world where their excreta or cow dung is used for religious and cooking purpose. And, no other animal has medicinal values in their urine. And neither humans can consume milk of any animal which is nutritious and healthy. 
Hence, we must announce cows as a national animal and thereby improve the quality of Indian breeds, and discourage sale and export of beef from India.
Drainage & Sewerage Systems redesign - Aimed at increasing the water levels below the constructed or build up land area. The areas where the rainwater cannot seep inside the earth.
Cap on pack sizes and variants in FMCG - All the brands specially in FMCG sector have launched multiple small packs to promote sales, but they are not doing anything to reduce the plastic dump from the earth. Plastic wastes are the number one cause for global warming. 
More support for EV - Promotion of electric vehicles is already being done by the Government. More support by way of installing charging centres and exempting the road tax and toll tax across India for EV owners.

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